1. I guess I don't understand WHY they're making Thor a woman? As opposed to giving more attention to existing female characters or introducing new female characters. In fact, I could probably make an argument that it's more detrimental to feminism, implying that a female character can only be successful when following a man's legacy.



  2. toypizza:

    Gunter trying to rack focus while taking a selfie.

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  3. rainbowjaeger:


    heavy breathing

    • No one ever:   wow this page just started playing music out of nowhere
    • No one ever:   this is so cool it is interrupting my music and all
    • No one ever:   omg I love it, autoplay is the best thing ever <3
  4. the people marvel is pandering to don't read comics

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  5. Honk Like an Egyptian - Aberrantkenosis


    Here is Walk Like an Egyptianby The Bangles, but with bike horns for instruments. 

    I remember hearing this song a lot as a child but it is only due to Jojos that it has earwormed back into my life

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    i have more followers than people at my school


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    Beifong teaching the Avatar.