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    you know that quiet girl in class?

    yeah she goes home and makes fun of you all on tumblr

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  2. Gamagori & Mako Fight


    Just press play it’s so cute oh my god

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    My third set!! I want to do more ;u;

    These are up in my shop if anyone is interested! They’ll be shipped by 3/3 :>

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    Original KILL la KILL sketch by Sushio (すしお) from episode 20. The Mankanshoku family seeing Mako after being eaten by a Life Fiber !

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    my parents split after they made me. i am a volcano. they are tectonic plates. follow for more geological humour.

    i really hope the two people who just followed me aren’t looking for geological humour or you are going to be earth-shatteringly disappointed

    this post is one of my best by a landslide

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    420 Blaziken



    420 praisiken

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    this is the complete opposite to a problem

    oh deer

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